G  L  O  W

B E A U T Y   B A R



- A freshly cleansed face is ideal (makeup-less, no heavy moisturisers, eye creams, or products containing SPF)

- Prior to your appointment you may like to collect some photos of makeup you like, Instagram + Pinterest are great places to look for makeup inspiration if you're feeling lost. I love it when you share other little details that help me to learn more about you and your style, so I can transfer that into your look. 

- If there is any part of your makeup that you're unhappy or uncomfortable with, I want you to feel confident letting me know! You wont hurt my feelings + I wont be offended at all - I'd hate for you to leave unhappy & not have the chance to fix it. I'll give you a hand held mirror to watch through, and I'll make sure you leave feeling happy + confident with your look!

- It's wise to plan a few moments later in the day to add a little powder to your look, blot any oil, and touch up your lipstick. Your look will last, since the benefit of working with a MUA is that they are trained to create looks built for longevity. But a little maintenance will keep you fresh that much longer if you wish and I provide a take home touch up kit for those emergencies!

- While makeup artists are incredibly talented, having a great base will make your face look even more flawless. It pays to pay close attention to your skin care regime leading up to your appointment - make note to keep your skin hydrated + lips exfoliated. 

- It's best to wear a button up top and plain white, if it's for a makeup trial.

Here are some AFTERCARE tips to help you get the most out of your makeup:

- Avoid heavy sweating and touching your face as this transfers oils onto the skin, which can upset the makeup

- Be gentle if removing tight clothing over the head, especially if wearing false lashes

- You will receive a lip touch up kit should you need to touch up your lips throughout your event

- If you are prone to oiliness or just want peace of mind throughout your event, blotting powder and a beauty blender are great to keep on hand for any touch ups to the face

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