Let’s be honest. A lot of beauty articles these days are less about helping you to improve your beauty routine and more about selling product. Hence, we were inspired to create an article about the perfect beauty routine that was 100% free of any mention of products. Whether you have a cabinet full of high end serums or are on a Uni student’s budget, these are tips that you can incorporate into your routine right now without spending a cent.

1. Drink That Water!

Maybe you’re sick of hearing it, but unless you’re actually getting the amount of H20 that you should be getting, you need to hear it again. No, water is not the magical, miraculous elixir of the gods that some beauty magazines claim it to be. But will it give you a better complexion and an overall more well-rested appearance? Yes, yes, a million times yes. Not to mention all the other health benefits. Science currently tells us we need 33 millilitres of water for each kilogram of our body weight. To work that out, multiply 0.33 by your body weight! i.e. 0.033 x 60kg = 1.98l of water per day.

2. No Matter What Your Routine Is, Stick With It

Maybe you’re a devotee to the increasingly popular 10-step Korean skin care routine. Maybe you just like to wash off your makeup, put on some inexpensive moisturiser and call it a day. No matter what your routine is, it doesn’t work unless you stick with it. Make it a habit and you’ll see results.

3. Go To Sleep Already

Are you reading this in the wee hours? Well, if you want to improve your appearance, log off immediately and catch some Zs. Like water, sleep is one of those beauty tips that you hear on repeat for good reason. When you’re well-rested, you can say goodbye to puffiness, dark circles and dull skin days. My tip as a Holistic Wellness Coach: Get to bed before 10pm or you miss out on crucial rest and repair time! Our skins cells are regenerated overnight, the term 'beauty sleep' didn't come from nowhere!

Sometimes the simplest beauty tricks are the absolute best.

Much love,

Jess xxx